SeaPower – Ireland

Sea Power Ltd is a progressive marine R&D and engineering company located right at the world’s most energetic wave energy resource. Driven by the realities of changing climate and the changing global energy market, Sea Power Ltd has in 2008, invented, designed and developed a Wave Energy Converter device known as the Seapower Platform™ which is already impacting the wave energy sector.

The Seapower Platform has yielded significant power results from numerical analysis and independent validation in tank testing laboratories. Our Power Curve and site-specific Power Matrix out-perform those of other well-known developers. However, Sea Power Ltd are under no illusion; further breakthroughs are necessary before wave energy devices can stand up to economic scrutiny without the need for Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff assistance.

The technical challenges involved in wave energy are much greater than those for wind, tidal or solar and this is evident from the lack of technical and economic progress by others in this sector so far. Sea Power Ltd has adopted an open innovation approach and welcomes help from academic bodies, other developers and, of course, investors. Development work has mainly been grant aided by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and Wave Energy Scotland (WES) whose continued support is very much appreciated. Our development path focuses on improving the Cost of Energy for the device, increasing technological and manufacturing readiness levels, and producing standalone versions of a smaller desalination machine.

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