Collaboration with Wood and Exceedence

The only way to make the most out of a renewable energy project is to carry out comprehensive techno-commercial evaluation. Exceedence Finance software empowers users to complete such evaluation, using Flexcom-based software as an input to WEC performance.

Wood (Numerical Modelling) and Exceedence (Financial Modelling) are coming together with Seapower for a Case Study related to the Seapower Platform’s LCOE.  For a WEC Array to be commercially viable, the LCOE for the array must be less than the tarrif  offered by the end user. E.g. If the tariff is 15c/kWh then the LCOE must be less than that value to be commercially viable.

  • Wood (formerly Wood Group) have achieved close agreement between OptiWave/Flexcom and the original LCOE modelling carried out using WEC-SIM (which is based on the previous research performed by 4c Engineering and Seapower Ltd.)
  • Exceedence are currently finalising their financial assessment and this will be available to publish as a Case Study, they anticiapte positive results for the Seapower Platform



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