Seapower News

3rd Place in Wave Energy Scotland programme

Sea Power Ltd. and 4c Engineering narrowly missed out on a further round of Wave Energy Scotland (WES) funding that was to see a 1:3 scale Seapower Platform deployed into the Billia Croo test site in Orkney in 2020. The scoring for the bid was extremely close and the team at Seapower and 4cE are disappointed to not be progressing to the next stage with WES.

We are grateful for the strong support we have received from WES over the past two years. The WES Stage 1 and 2 projects have allowed the Seapower Platform to advance considerably towards commercialisation, and Seapower will now explore other avenues for funding of a 1:3 scale or 1:2 scale pre-commercial Wave Energy Converter (WEC), to build further on the good work done under the WES programme.