New Collaboration with USA-based MarkZero Prototypes

MarkZero SeaPower (MZSP)

Connecticut based MarkZero Prototypes LLC and Irish based Sea Power Limited have teamed up and will take part in the US Department of Energy’s wave to water competition. Their joint mission is to develop and deploy an working prototype of a small scale wave energy driven reverse osmosis system. The prototype will use a novel RO pumping system with energy recovery, and be powered fully by available wave energy acting on the WEC.

 The MZSP Freshwater Production System in development is an easily deployable wave attenuator with on-board reverse osmosis system. It is designed to be small and modular, deployable in emergency and disaster relief scenarios, by collecting freshwater into floatation bags (or alternatively hosed to a nearby vessel, or back to shore)

A video of the concept can be see here:

Both companies intent to commercialise the new product and make it available to NGOs, military, remote off-grid communities, and anywhere where there is a demand for freshwater  produced by renewable energy means. A larger scale version of the system is also under development that could provide water to remote islands at a fraction of the cost of some existing operations.



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