DOE Waves to Water ADAPT Stage Winners

Sea Power Ltd in collaboration with lead company MarkZero Prototypes LLC have once again won out by becoming ADAPT Stage winners in the USA DOE funded Wave-to-Water challenge.

Our team proposed a detailed design of a desalination system that uses wave energy alone and a novel transportable version of the Seapower Platform to provide clean drinking water for disaster relief and coastal communities.  The smaller modular system (< than m^3 in volume), known as the  MZSP Freshwater Production System, uses a series of high pressure, direct acting pumps to feed into a Reverse Osmosis plant onboard the device, and pump this freshwater to shore.

The next stage in the DOE funded challenge, will be to create as much drinking water as possible for a small size of machine! The site identified for future offshore testing is Jennette’s Pier in North Carolina.  We have already successfully carried out a physical demonstration and test at this pier to pump water a distance of 220m to shore using a portable discharge hose, using the same available head and flowrate that the MZSP device is capable of developing. We are now teamed up with Mark Zero Prototypes in the CREATE stage where we are currently testing the system in a lab/workshop in Connecticut, USA

Learn how the DOE promote the innovation of novel technologies using prize funding here:

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