Sea Power: Other R&D Projects 2021-

As well as the US DOE waves to water prize, Sea Power Ltd. are also happy to be involved in a research project called Seasnake, funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 Programme for Research and Innovation. The participating countries / regions are: the Basque Country, Brittany, Ireland, Pays de la Loire, Portugal, Scotland, Spain and Sweden. (this project is currently delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic)

Total Funding (Requested contribution): € 833 765
WavEC Funding: € 46 375
Duration: January 2020 – December 2021 (24 months, with additional time requested due to Covid-19 related delay)
Coordinator: RISE
Partners: NKT Cables, IFSTTAR, CorePower Ocean, Waves4Power, Sea Power Ltd., I-Tech, MWA Beläggning, Siemens Energy, Chalmers, Ocean Harvesting, James Fisher and WavEC Offshore Renewables.

More information can be found at;

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